TB 300 Series by Takeuchi Expands with the Introduction of the Latest Generation TB335R Compact Excavator

TB335R Compact Excavator

Takeuchi stands firm on the fact that their latest short tail swing compact series boasts the most sophisticated interior and exterior features within its class and has been fitted with enhanced functions that delivers greater performance than ever before! According to David Caldwell who is the product manager at Takeuchi, “The TB335R’s is the latest short tail swing mini excavator only overhangs by about 3 over tracks which make this particular model the perfect candidate for working in environments that have limited space or spaces that are confined”.

Caldwell also added with confidence that the latest machine is designed in a manner that affords operators outstanding stability that supersedes most other short tail swing mini excavators. Coupled with the fact that the machine is also fitted with the most advanced intuitive controls allow operators to manage the toughest of task with relative ease.

Even with an operating weight of approximately 8,300 Lbs. or 3,700 Kg, the TB335R affords a bucket breakout force of more than 9,000 Lbs. and nearly 4,300 Lbs. of arm digging force. All this according to the manufacturer is achievable attributed to the new engine that the machine is fitted with that is capable of producing 18.2 Kw of power upon demand and delivers 70Ft – Lbs. of torque. The machine functions under two modes (standard and Eco) whereby power is compromised to save energy giving operators and project managers greater control over energy costs.

The Takeuchi TB 300 series that has always been a market bench mark offers quite a range of sophisticated and advanced features that normally do not come with mini excavators. For instance, the cab version of the TB335R model comes with a 7 inch touchscreen multi-functional colour display unit whereas the canopy models are fitted with 4.3 inch high resolution multi-function display units. The high end cab models are also equipped with an air conditioner, heating and defrosting unit, windshield washer and wiper as well as a skylight and sunshade to boot.

For in-cab entertainment the machine has an AM/ FM radio that is coupled with Bluetooth technology. Both models however (cab models and the canopy models) sport low effort pilot joystick control systems and deluxe high back suspended seats complete with a retractable seat belt system and a head rest that provide operators comfort which is a critical aspect of keeping operators productive at project sites throughout the day.

Other features that the manufacturer has included into the new models include the Takeuchi Fleet Management telematics system which comes as a standard element for the TB335R for the duration of the warranty. The TFM allows operators/ owners or project managers to remotely connect to their machines and access essential information such as utilisation hours, performance, low excavator rental costs, low maintenance status and even location among others.

The latest roll out by the manufacturer sets the playing field even for the mini excavator market as   Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) updated their mini and midi excavator range offer when they launched a series of top-notch EU Stage-V machines within the 1.7 to 5.5-tonnes categories such as Hyundai’s A-Series mini excavators. These machines do not only offer lower emissions, but also enhanced hydraulic mechanics offering more power for less and also improved ergonomics for operators.

In total Hyundai is expected to introduce 8 new machines into the European and Asia Pacific markets with the smallest being the 1 ton HX10A micro excavator. The Munich Bauma Fair 2022 will also be featuring the HX35A Z, the HX40A and the HX40A Z which are all winners of the RED DOT DESIGN Awards.


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