10 Ways Your Security Guards Get Trained

Security Guards Get Trained

Security guards are entrusted with the safety of people and property. It’s a job that comes with a huge responsibility. As part of the job, security guards handle different situations, from deterring crime to responding to emergencies.

For all this, security guards must receive proper training before they take up a job. Security companies treat this training with utmost seriousness as there can be a lot at stake. The training is much deeper for specialized security professionals than for a home security guard.

However, here are 10 essential ways security guards in Geelong are trained to be ready for the job.

1. Basic training

Security guards undergo basic training, which includes understanding the law, communication skills, conflict resolution, and observation techniques. They also learn about the different types of security, such as access control, patrol, and monitoring.

Most essentially, security guards must learn about the laws and regulations they need to follow while on the job. If there’s a violation of any law, you will have to possibly go through lawsuits or fines/penalties. This will be a giant headache for you, the guards, as well as your Security Company in Geelong.

2. Emergency response

Security guards need training to learn effective ways to respond to emergencies, such as fires, medical emergencies, and natural disasters. Some training areas are how to evacuate buildings, provide first aid, and communicate with emergency services.

3. Self-defense

Security guards must know self-defenses techniques to protect themselves and others from harm. This is the number one essential one would expect from a security guard, thus, they need to learn it well.

They may learn martial arts or other physical techniques, as well as how to use non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray or batons.

4. Surveillance

Security guards must also learn how to use surveillance equipment, such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems, to monitor the area they are guarding. Through this training, they learn how to detect suspicious behavior and respond appropriately.

5. Crowd control

A skilled security guard must know how to handle a crowd. Public events often house huge crowds, which can turn into chaos any second. Conflicts in these gatherings can even lead to accidents and injuries.

Thus, there is a necessity for security guards in Geelong who understand the techniques of crowd control. In this training, the guards learn how to manage crowds, prevent overcrowding, and ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.

6. Customer service

Private security sector is a customer-focused area without a doubt. A security guard in a business setting will have to interact with the customers of that business. In this case, knowing to handle customers is an invaluable skill.

A customer-service mentality will ideally assist your guards in leaving a favourable impression on those customers, which is important for your business. If not, it can become a loss for the business and, in a way, the security company.

So, most security guards in Geelong these days are receiving training in customer service skills to interact with customers or visitors. They learn how to handle complaints, answer questions, and provide assistance when needed.

7. Access control

This is one of the trending topics in the physical security industry.

Today, we have many technologies associated with access control, which can be difficult to understand. Thus, your security guards in Geelong must receive proper training in access control— meaning controlling who can enter or exit a building or area.

Basically, they learn to check identification, monitor entry points, and enforce security policies. You can even start by understanding your potential client’s point of view and requirements.

8. Firearms

Not all security guards need to carry firearms. Only some specialist security guards in Geelong may need the training to carry firearms. This requires extensive training in firearm safety, marksmanship, and laws surrounding the use of firearms.

9. Cultural sensitivity

Security guards in Geelong may receive training in cultural sensitivity to interact respectfully with people from different backgrounds. They learn about different cultures, customs, and beliefs, and how to avoid misunderstandings.

10. Cyber security

Cyber security education is growing more and more crucial across all industries. The same applies for physical security.

An organization may fall for phishing and other malware tactics so it is crucial to train security guards in cyber security. This can save the company money, information theft, and other confidential data leaks.

Therefore, you should confirm whether a particular security guard has received cybersecurity training before hiring if it is non-negotiable to you.

Final Say

In conclusion, security guards in Geelong receive training in various skills to ensure the safety and security of people and property.

From basic training in communication and observation to specialized skills like firearms training and cultural sensitivity, security guards must be well-prepared to handle any situation that may arise.

Most of all, ongoing education and training are essential to maintaining their skills and staying up to date with the latest technologies and techniques. This may include refresher courses on basic skills, new technologies, or changes in the law.

There you go!—Now you know what kinds of training security guards go through to protect your people and property. Reach out to Aligned Security Force for assistance with your security requirements.


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