The Short & Sweet Guide to Chemical Spill Kits

Sometimes, no matter how safe you try to be, you can’t prevent an accident from occurring. One common workplace accident that happens despite everyone’s best attempts at safety is a chemical spill. If this happens at your workplace, it’s best to keep workers, facilities and the environment safe with a dedicated chemical spill kit. 

Chemical spill kits are essentially all the items you need to quickly respond to spills in one place. They are made to be easily visible, easy to use and safe for even a layman to utilise. 

What’s Usually in a Spill Kit?

Commonly spill kits will contain some or all of the following items, depending on what each workplace requires. 

  •     Portable bin: Spill Kits above a certain size are usually contained in bins that are colour-coded and easy to move.
  •     Absorbents: These come in the form of socks, cushions or pads and are what safely absorb the spilt chemical. The type of absorbent you use depends on the nature of the spill. 
  •     Disposable bags: These bags come with ties and are used to safely dispose of the absorbents you used. 
  •     Personal protective equipment: These are used to protect the wearer from hazardous chemicals and include things like gloves, booties, overalls/lab coats, respiratory protection and eye protection. 

What Chemicals Need a Special Spill Kit?

Most chemical spill kits are designed for chemicals of all kinds, such as solvents, pesticides and other such materials. But sometimes, you will need something more specific, depending on the type of spill.

 The best chemical spill kit providers will often carry lab spill kits if they work in an area where medical-grade equipment is used and bodily fluids such as blood may be spilt. 

In the case that oil or fuel is spilt, and especially if it’s spilt on water, a specific spill kit can be used. These have water-repelling absorbents that pick up only the spilt oil or fuel and leave behind the water. 

If you need help figuring out which type of spill kit you need, a risk assessment is the best way to audit your workplace and find out exactly which spill kit you need. 

Where Do You Get Them From? 

If you want to find the best spill kit Manufacturers in Australia, you can’t look past Spill Station Australia. With an expert team on hand to help advise you, they can help you find the best quality compliant spill kits, no matter where you are in Australia!

For workplace safety solutions you can trust, call Spill Station today! 


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