Useful Advice For Choosing The Right Wine

Choosing The Right Wine

Have you ever cooked with wine before or coveted that nice little wine collection you’ve seen in other homes.Would you like to know what you’re talking about regarding wine, whether for a wedding event venue Singapore or during birthdays? Would you like to know what you’re talking about regarding wine? Then, keep reading to learn more information to make things easier for you.

If you drink wine for its health benefits

You should stick with red wines. Red wines are full of antioxidants and are believed to promote optimal heart health when you drink them in moderation, ideally one glass daily. Other wines may have the same benefit to varying degrees, but red wine is definitely the best choice.

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Wine goes extremely well with pasta dishes. Remember that red wines work best with heavy sauces such as tomato sauce to choose the perfect wine. Pair white wines with white sauces and salads. For basil pestos and other meatless dishes, you should opt for a complimentary wine such as a rosé.

Have a plan before picking your wine.

Be sure you know which wine you’re looking for before to avoid getting overwhelmed by brands, varieties, and prices. Certain wines fit dinners, and others better fit large parties. Knowing which wine suits your needs can help you choose a better wine than browsing and choosing something on a whim.

Invest in proper storage if you plan to learn about and collect wines. Wine is best when kept in a cooler, more humid environment. Many people prefer to build out a basement or cellar for storing wine. However, if your needs are smaller, there are many options for in-home storage on the market.

When serving wine for parties, open the Merlot and Cabernet a half hour before the party starts. The wine will contact the air and start “opening up.” As reds are exposed to the air, oxygen allows the tannin and flavors to activate and become more robust.

If you have a lot of wine in your cellar, you may want to invest in an inventory management system. This will track the wine types in your cellar and how old they are at a given time. In addition, compartmentalizing wine into a database can make your storage capabilities very efficient.

You always need to use suitable glassware when serving wine.

Good-looking, clean and sharp stemware greatly improves the appeal of the wine. If your stemware is outdated or chipped, it’s time to get newer pieces.

Many red wines are matured in oak barrels for far longer than white wine. This adds tannins from the wood into the wine, creating a complex flavor. This would be too much for the subtle flavor of a white wine, so they are rarely aged in this manner.

If you are out on a date or with someone you want to impress, do not order a wine you have not had before. Try to order wine that you are familiar with or like. Be adventurous in your own time when you are not out in public.

You should have some clear goals in mind when shopping for wine. Establish a budget and list the different occasions you will need wine for. Shopping for wine can be a lot of fun but do not get carried away by an enthusiastic seller who presents wines you will have no use for.

Pair spicy foods with sweet wines. Especially with the heat of Thai and Indian food, you will want to stick with dry white and sweet red wines. Some great pairings include Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling. If you choose Riesling, try going with a German brand since their higher acidity doesn’t make the sweetness seem as apparent. These wines act as palate cleansers to help you enjoy the spiciness of the meal.

Champagne has a variety of different uses other than formal occasions. Most people only consider champagne as something special. There are many foods and dishes that you can enjoy champagne with. Champagne cleanses your palate with its acidity of it and fizzy bubbles. Salty foods and snacks pair quite well with champagne.

Always know which wines are seasonal. Different wines may increase in popularity throughout the year, depending on the holiday or season. Port wines are an excellent example of this, as they tend to increase in price in the weeks leading up to Christmas. When you know wines by their seasons, you can purchase them off-season and save.

When you find a bottle of wine that hits the spot, put away the whole case for a slightly higher price, and you’ll save money in the long run. A case is usually 12 bottles of the same age and flavor. So the net cost of a single case is lower than 12 individual bottles in most venues.

Join an online group for wine lovers. You can get advice in almost real-time about a wine you might be thinking about. In addition, you can get information about wine in general. A group can help you understand what wine is all about, so you can enjoy it even more.

Remember the importance of storage when you buy a glass of fine wine. It’s best kept cool and within consistent temperatures to preserve taste. Also, always store your bottles away on their side so the cork will not dry. It can break off during removal and fall into the bottle if this happens.

Rather than storing wine inside of your refrigerator, keep them inside a wine cooler. You do not keep a steady tempo in the refrigerator. The temperature is also too cold, which means your wine will not be at its best if you store it this way.

You are definitely ready to use everything you’ve learned now, right?

Of course, you are, and the information should come in handy. For example, you might want to serve that special red wine to your guest or use that specific white wine for cooking a certain meal. It’s time to get started!


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