4 East Gippsland Security Service: Preparing For The Worst And Cultivating Resilience

4 East Gippsland Security Service

East Gippsland Security Service (EGSS) is one of Victoria’s leading security companies. They offer a wide range of services from residential security to commercial security, and they are always on the lookout for potential threats. As a business, EGSS understands the importance of cultivating resilience in order to handle any situation that may arise. In this blog post, they explore ten ways that you can cultivate resilience in your life and business. From developing a positive mindset to staying active and mentally tough, read on to learn some expert tips that will help you thrive in any situation.

The Threats To East Gippsland

East Gippsland is a region located in the eastern part of Victoria, Australia. The region is known for its natural beauty and offers plenty of recreational activities for locals and tourists alike. However, East Gippsland also faces numerous security threats.

The region is home to a large number of military installations and training facilities, as well as important infrastructure such as energy supplies and communication networks. This makes the area particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

East Gippsland Security Service (EGSS) is responsible for protecting the region from terrorist attacks. EGSS has developed a comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy which includes measures to prevent terrorism before it occurs, detect and respond to attacks, and recover from an attack.

EGSS employs a range of counter-terrorism strategies including surveillance and intelligence gathering, risk assessment, community engagement, law enforcement cooperation, and tactical response planning.

EGSS is constantly adapting its plans in order to keep up with the latest terrorist threats. In addition to developing robust counter-terrorism strategies, residents of East Gippsland should also cultivate resilience against potential threats by participating in regular safety exercises and staying informed about current events.

The Security Forces Deployed To East Gippsland

The East Gippsland Security Service (EGSS) is preparing for the worst and cultivating resilience.

Since the EGS was established in 2014, it has been tasked with protecting the population of East Gippsland from harm. In addition to responding to emergencies, the EGS is responsible for safeguarding critical infrastructure, helping to build community resilience and supporting local law enforcement.

Working alongside its partners in government and non-government organisations, the EGS is constantly assessing risk and planning for contingencies. This includes working with schools to promote safety awareness and educate children about how to stay safe in an emergency.

While East Gippsland may be a relatively small area geographically, it is home to a diverse range of communities which makes it particularly challenging to protect everyone from all potential threats. The EGS understands this and works hard to build relationships with local communities so they can participate in security planning and share their insights with the organisation. This helps build trust and promotes cooperation, ultimately making communities safer overall.

The Role of the EGS in Preparing For The Worst

The East Gippsland Security Service (EGS) is one of fifteen service providers across Victoria that share responsibility for the security of communities and critical infrastructure in the state.

As part of its role, the EGS works closely with other government departments and agencies to develop risk assessments and mitigation plans in the event of a major incident or disaster.

The EGS also works with local councils to develop resilience plans, which aim to protect residents from the potential impacts of a major event or disaster.

In 2015, the EGS co-produced a report called “Resilience: Preparing For The Worst And Cultivating Resilience” with VicSafe. The report looked at how communities could prepare for natural disasters such as earthquakes and bushfires, as well as man-made events such as terrorist attacks.

The report found that many East Gippslanders were not prepared for a major disaster, either because they did not know about available resources or had never considered the possibility. The report also found that many East Gippslanders lacked knowledge about how to rebuild after a disaster, which could lead to increased vulnerability if another disaster struck.

The EGS has now released a video called “Building Resilience In Our Communities” which aims to address these issues. In it, presenter Tom Northam describes how communities can build resilience by planning for disasters and using resources such as emergency contact lists and evacuation routes maps.

Building Resilience In East Gippsland

East Gippsland Security Service (EGSS) is preparing for the worst and cultivating resilience in the region. EGSS Director, Sergeant Brett Butters, says the organisation has been working hard to build resilience since it was formed in December 2016. “We work closely with local councils, police and other emergency services to ensure we’re prepared for anything that comes our way,” he said.

Resilience can be broken down into three key areas: physical, social and political. Sergeant Butters says EGSS focuses on physical resilience first because it’s essential for keeping people safe in an emergency. He says the organisation has worked hard to improve its infrastructure, including stocking up on supplies and developing plans in case of a pandemic or other type of incident.

Social resilience is also important because it helps people cope with difficult situations. Sergeant Butters says EGSS works to build trust across communities by empowering residents with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and their families. This includes providing resources like community-based training programs and Street Smart Response Teams (SSRTs).

Political resilience is vital if communities want to make sure they have a voice when things go wrong. Sgt Butters says EGSS engages with local politicians to help ensure everyone has access to critical information about events happening in their area. “We believe that by working together we can create resilient communities that are better equipped to deal with any challenges head on,” he said


East Gippsland Security Service (EGS) is dedicated to keeping our community safe and secure. In the face of ever-changing security threats, EGS has developed a program that focuses on both anticipating and responding to potential emergencies. Through regular training exercises, innovative technology initiatives, and strong community partnerships, we are committed to cultivating resilience in our region.


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