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Perth Painters: Things You Must Know Before Hiring One

Most properties need anti-graffiti coating perth for a fresh coat of paint every ten years or so. By hiring Perth painters to paint your house, you can better safeguard it from the weather, maintain its aesthetic appeal, and enjoy it more. The problem is that painting a house by oneself may take ages. Additionally, if your home is not a rancher, you will need long ladders to access the second or third floors. This prompts many individuals to hire experienced Perth painters, which has difficulties. They’ll have to look into home painters, choose one within their budget, arrange a few interviews, etc.

First, look at the most often-asked question: Is hiring a professional necessary?

Should You Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself?

The majority of people think painting is a straightforward process. Applying paint to walls evenly involves dipping a roller or brush into the paint. If they genuinely want to, most individuals can paint their own house. They may make some savings, get some exercise, and develop pride in their work by doing it.

However, there is another side to consider since there are benefits to employing a Perth painters. Here are some of the important ones to think about:

Time savings

Remember to take advantage of the time you’ll take on this job, even if you could save a little money by doing it yourself. Painting the whole home might take a few weeks if you work alone. That entails putting in a few hours every day. Depending on your property’s size, you’d be shocked at how long it may take to paint a home in your free time.


Painters always use tall ladders. They climb rooftops, lean out windows, and do other insane things to get the job done. Painting is 90% safe, but the final 10% keeps mums up at night. When you can pay someone to do something, why do it yourself?

Every day, professional painters know what they’re doing. They know how to utilise a ladder and assess tiredness. Realising what’s at risk, they won’t push themselves.


Brushing paint on a wall is simple. Can anyone make paint seem reasonable? More importantly, do you know how to constantly make colour appear nice, get to hard-to-reach locations, and paint your home’s most crucial areas? Not likely, as most don’t.

Professionals realise that spaces beneath side panelling or above doors are essential. Not painting specific spaces makes your house more prone to mould, pests, and other harm.


A professional will likely have 3-4 persons working on your property simultaneously. Sometimes, 1-2 are needed for final touches but anticipate an entire team. Don’t you believe they’ll finish quicker than you? Yes, they can.

Instead of a month, you’ll enjoy your newly painted house in 1-2 weeks. This calms you. Once this activity ends, you may concentrate on other activities at home or work.

How to Prepare for Professional Painting

Although some pros may do these things for you, remember that you’re paying them to paint, not move stuff, and time is money! We advocate performing these things yourself to save money since you get more “bang for the buck”.

Move Furniture

Though the painters will likely cover the furniture with plastic sheets, you must keep it out of their way. They want to avoid stumbling on your table, particularly with a full paint bucket! Remove furnishings from the room being painted if possible. If space is limited, relocate everything to the centre of the room. “Move Furniture” also contains wall hangings! Paintings, photos, quotes, clocks, mirrors, and other wall decor.

Remove Switchplates And Outlet Covers

This simple step should be noticed. Even though most switch plates and outlet covers become painted, it’s easy to remove them. These are generally plastic, making dried paint removal difficult. This step is crucial if you have excellent covers and switch plates.

Clear the Walls

Since they’re being painted, cleaning makes more sense. Walls show physical distinctions with paint. Dust and filth are more noticeable after painting since the paint firmly clings them to the wall. No special equipment is needed to clean walls. Just combine water and a little detergent and sponge it on the wall. Don’t wet the walls—remove most surface stains and dust.

What a House Painter Should Do

There are certain expectations when hiring professional  painters. Here are some basics:


A professional should come on time, avoid long lunch breaks, and close early. This speeds up the work and reduces customer annoyance.


Will a professional “take a guess” at how much your job will cost, how much paint is needed, and how long it will take? No way. Instead, they’ll stroll through to view the painting. They’ll measure, ask plenty of questions, and take images or notes.

Colours, Finishes, And Goals

A competent home painter desires your satisfaction. They’ll enquire about colours, finishes, etc. They may propose their favourites if you still need to choose a paint brand. This is good since most buyers need to learn what quality paint is. Advertising on TV or radio doesn’t indicate a brand is good!

Licences & Insurance

Professional painters need insurance and licences. This protects you and the firm in case of an accident, making you feel comfortable using them. The painter should give you this for your records.

Thorough Estimates

If a napkin has a number, run! Run if the proposal needs to be better written, clear, and professional! A skilled painter will detail prices and timelines. It provides you peace of mind knowing they didn’t lie.

Long-term savings from hiring professional Perth painters include both time and money. The important thing is to make sure that you thoroughly investigate several home painters. Cost, scheduling, and quality must always be balanced, so consider the most essential.


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