Additional services removalists provide to customers

removalists provide to customers

Removalists just come by to pack and transport stuff. However, it is one of their primary duties. They provide a host of other services that are part of their package. Customised plans as per the customer’s requirements can be included. Removals can make life a whole lot better, with most of the relocating work being done for you by the removalist team. To know more click here

The major haul of taking things and packaging is part of the parcel for what they have been called for, yet they can possibly do so much more, like cleanups after moving out. Cleanups after moving to the new place and other tasks that form a list on their website. Some of the removalists may offer more or less a number of services depending on the team and what they have to offer. The prices for additional services may be part of the package, or sometimes a nominal charge may be added to the bill.

Types of additional services

Cleanup services

Their specialist may be in packing, unpacking and even arranging; however, they also ensure that all the extra packing material and other unwanted stuff need to be cleared and the place is cleaned up after all the items are placed into the transportation. You can now read more info online.

storing goods in warehouse

Clients specifically hire removalists also to get them to get their stuff into storage or warehousing units. Sometimes the new place doesn’t have the required space to hold all the things from the old residence. Hence, you will have to decide on the most essential; things and keep others in the storage unit until you may need them for later. Sometimes the entire staff may be given away, and it needs to be sent to the person you promised, which the removalists fulfil. 

Provide a tracking system!

Relying on a reputed removalist surely pays off as you will not have to worry a great deal about how your things will get packed and sent to your new home. Everything is taken care of as they load and unload the items for you in the new house. You can also track the transport carrying your goods in real-time, so you will know whether they are headed in the right direction and also on schedule as promised.

Pet Relocation

A lot of homes own pets, from a cat, dogs, and fish to other animals that need to be moved to a new home or transported to a shelter or given to a person who needs them. All this can be carried out by removalists who offer such services under additional charge. These services are carefully undertaken and done with utmost care to ensure no animal is harmed in the process, and they reach safely to the new home. There needs to be standing instructions for such additional services, and they may be a little expensive depending on the kind of animal and the logistics involved in transporting them.

Plant relocation

Those of you who love your plants and want to take along your plant friends in pots can do so, as removalists are well-versed in handling your plant transportation as well. They will ensure your parents reach safely. They make use of the necessary equipment and techniques for transporting. The customer may have any kind of plant, irrespective of whether it is indoor or outdoor. Plants are carefully taken to the new location.

Fleet used for removals.

Removalists are able to handle all types of goods because they have a special fleet of vehicles either they own or hire for the purpose of removals, such as trailer trucks, pickup trucks, and open trucks. Depending on the removal size, the vehicle is decided. There are allocated charges for each vehicle usage. Wherein the space is judiciously used assuring that goods don’t; have much movement during transit.


Now that you have learnt that hiring removalists is so much more than just relocating your stuff and they have so much more in their kitty to provide for the customer. Apart from the mentioned cleaning services, they also do disassemble and assemble work, they help you with appliance installation in the new house and also get you insurance covers.

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